Muswell Hill

This exquisite modern house, nestled in the picturesque Muswell Hill area of London, underwent a comprehensive renovation, transforming it into an oasis of tranquillity with a touch of luxury to cater to our bohemian-inspired clients. The interiors are tastefully designed with high-quality luxury furnishings that are harmoniously integrated with eco-friendly materials, contributing to the sustainable design ethos of the house.

A soothing and natural colour palette is employed throughout the house, affording a visceral sense of serenity and comfort to its residents. This thoughtful use of colour not only enhances the visual appeal of the spaces but also creates a seamless transition from one room to another, unifying the entire house under a singular design narrative.

Adding to its allure, this house also enjoyed the privilege of being featured on a highly acclaimed programme on Channel 4. This media recognition underscores the architectural brilliance and innovative design approach that went into transforming this house into a modern-day sanctuary.