Over the years, Jen has helped me to create a home that I love. A talented interior designer, Jen had the wonderful ability to interpret my tastes in decor and translate them into the ‘look’ I’m after…something I simply couldn’t do myself.

Jen is sympathetic of my budget, happy to make alternative suggestions should I ask (although I always go back to her first idea!), and is on hand to answer my queries as the projects progress. Visitors constantly admire my home but, more importantly, I adore it…and I have Jen to thank for that.

Jane Alexander

I feel very lucky to have met Jen just when I needed her most. She has helped me enormously during the restoration of our Victorian home. She has a wonderful eye for colour, design, fabrics and all aspects of interior design.  She has also been invaluable in arranging and advising on other properties for rent and sale which has meant that our relationship in working together is ongoing and her quality of work is consistent.

Mrs Brandt